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the Greater Noida Institute of Technology’s Placement Cell organized a guest lecture focusing on Java & Spring technologies for the B.Tech students. The event was facilitated by the Association of Campus Sutras, featuring Mr. Rahul Dixit as the Head Trainer.During the lecture, Mr. Dixit provided detailed insights into the Java & Spring technologies,

highlighting their significance, practical applications, and the latest trends in the industry. He discussed various aspects of these technologies, including their role in software development, key features, and advantages.The students actively participated in the lecture, showing great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about Java & Spring. They engaged in discussions, asked questions, and demonstrated a keen interest in understanding the concepts presented by Mr. Dixit.Overall, the guest lecture was a valuable learning experience for the students, providing them with valuable insights into Java & Spring technologies and enhancing their understanding of these important concepts in the field of computer science and engineering.