International Webinar on “Methodology to write Research Publication for High Quality Peer Reviewed Journal”

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 Greater Noida :- R&D Cell, ITS Engineering College Greater Noida had organized an International Webinar on “Methodology to write Research Publication for High Quality Peer Reviewed Journal” delivered by guest expert Dr. Ashish Khanna, AP, MAIT Delhi. During the lecture, Dr. Khanna enlightened the audience on present scenario of the research work. He discussed about the importance of reading the books and research articles to write the research paper.

He stressed upon the proper literature review of a specific research field before deciding the research objectives. Information about the copy right transfer and self-plagiarism has given to the participants. He conversed about the type of research articles and how to select the conferences and journals to publish the research paper. Calculation of the impact factor of a journal has also explained by him. He has discussed in detail about the SCI, SCIE, ESCI, SSCI, AHCI journals. He has also informed the participants about the web of science journals. Difference between Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 journals has explained by him in detail. He has very much emphasis on this point that each participant must have the Oricid id and Publon id. Participants have informed about the importance of title and abstract of a research article. Some key words of the article should be inducted in the title of the research paper. He has discussed about some key points that should be included in the abstract. The aim of this webinar was to aware the participants about the writing methodology of the research paper and also about the journals available on the different platform.

Dr. Monika Jain, Head of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department and R&D Cell member welcomed the invited speaker Dr. Ashish Khanna. This webinar was attended by teaching fraternity, research scholars & Industry professional from all over the country. Participants from abroad have also join the webinar.


 To highlight the important key points to write the research articles.

 To identify the appropriate journals to publish the research articles.

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